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You just be familiar with the level of power consumption that is taking place in India. We are bridging the gaps by trying to help everyone avail the benefits of having the electricity in their houses. There we are trying to control the deficit that is there still existing in our country.

Our Motto
We still believe that by fulfilling our motto of providing electricity in each and every house,we just helping mankind to grow and proper so that no one is facing the power supply deficit in their houses or at their workplaces.

What We Do

We are there for you generating the electricity at the very primary step, ensuring a never-ending transmission of it with a diversified distribution of it. We work in a 3 step process:


The first step towards prosperity begins with the generation of clean and non-stop energy from our hydropower plant.


We had set up power transmission grid making it possible to harvest and transmit the energy generated from the hydropower plant.


Now energy is distributed across the major cities in India via our widespread network making it possible to supply clean and renewable energy across India.

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